Designed for life
Molift provides state of the art products that improve the quality and function of daily living. This not only leads to better health for a care giver, but increases the capacity to provide better patient care and dignity. With advanced engineering, Molift products are best in class when it comes to product quality, reliability and durability. See Gallery
4-point suspension for increased dignity
All Molift passive floor lifters are fitted with 4-point suspension as standard. This provides more stable lifting and stops patients or users from swinging side to side during the transfer. Users enjoy a free, open sitting position with plenty of head room, avoiding the feeling of being cramped, and feel comfortable and secure when sitting.
Combined with the Molift sling they provide comfortable and correct positioning from lying to sitting and vice versa as the sling loops glide naturally into position during lifting.
Service and maintenance for longevity
Automatic service warning are fitted on all patient lifters from Molift. Molift Service Tool is a unique software connected to the automatic service warning. This tool enables authorized Molift service personnel to read, check and adjust key parameters in the lifter, as well as receiving a detailed service history.
This way both nurses and management can be confident that the lifter is safe in relation to applicable laws and regulations. It documents the use of the lifter and prevents interrupted use due to technical faults and leads to longlivity of the product.
“Green” batteries for the environment
All Molift lifts are run by rechargeable NiMH batteries. These are considered as green batteries and contribute in a small way to a more sustainable future for our planet. NiMH-batteries are much more environmentally friendly than NiCd – not to mention lead batteries.

NiMH-batteries do not contain any heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium or lead. They are high-capacity batteries – lasting longer and using less raw material and also meet the requirements regarding number of recharging cycles.